longing for a true beach – a travel to Bintan

As planned, we celebrated Tenn’s birthday in Bintan. Though with indecent sleep and we have to wait for an hour for the ferry, we were all excited.  Bintan is almost an hour ferry ride from Singapore and our destination Agro Beach Resort is 45 minute drive from Bintan ferry terminal.

the girls

agro bintan beach

As soon as we reached the resort, we headed to the most visible restaurant which is ‘Asiana Beach Bistro’. It was surprising that the service attendants here are very young; the guy who served our food is just 15 years of age. They serve Indonesian food; their fried rice is the spiciest fried rice I ever tasted that I was not able to eat it at all. Even my friends who love spicy food were not able to consume half of their food. It’s cheap though and the resort cat loves the spicy fried rice.

Agro Beach Bistro

the bintan gang

The rooms in Agro are nice and spacey; they gave us rooms with verandas facing the beach. The beds are big and comfy with relaxing hotel like interior. The beach is nice in its shade of blue but the water is muddy that we ended swimming in the pool.  At least it’s a real beach; in Singapore most beaches are man-made.

me sunbathing

going to Sun Moon Restaurant and bar

The Agro Beach from afar

The Agro Beach

The Agro Beach in another angle

swimming at agro beach

There are two restaurants in the resort. For dinner, we choose an outdoor table at Sun Moon Restaurant and bar. Their selection of food is mostly sea food. There’s only one light available and though there are candle lights on the table it is still dark. Arnel wanted to surprise Tenn with a cake but there’s no available one in the resort nevertheless, the servers were able to help him with some tarts and candles.

tenn's bday celebration

karaoke at agro beach

The resort is also equipped with karaoke rooms. We sang our hearts out the whole evening. The day seemed long and wonderful for a weekend vacation. 

the girls feeling the wind

the wind brushing my hair

the Falcon

It was a pleasant visit in Indonesia! Our first time to go to a nearby country and I’m sure there will be more to come. By the way, beachscape images in this blog post are in HDR edited using Photomatix.


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