vietnamese cuisine for midnight snack

Ok, I already blog about my morning yesterday and today I’m writing about the after work. My vietnamese friend messaged me if I’m free to get some drinks with her. I would want to but not until I finished work. It’s sunday and weekends spells super busy for MBS so after work I told myself that I’ll called Jane and tell her that I won’t go drinking with her and I’m going home since my work today starts earlier. Well, sometimes we are determined to do things then when we talked to the person involve we changed our mind??? It happens alot of time right? I was not able to say no to jane bacause I found out that she stayed at Casino from pass 4pm to wait for me because she have nothing to do. Anyway, I miss this friend of mine for not seeing her in almost 3 weeks I think so ok.

We met at the Taxi stand. She’s starving and she feels uncomfy with her heels alread. We agreed to go to the Vietnamese resto near her house which is open til 3am. They only serve beers as liquor so we had Heinneken. Jane ordered a Kangkong with beef and an exotic Coconut snail with butter. I dont really like shells and snails for food but for a friend who is longing for traditional cuisine I can give it a try. The Kangkong is nice. The way they cook it don’t differs on how chinese and filipinoes cook it. The snail is tolerably spicy for me. And taste it more spicy as the flavour lingers in your tongue. They served it with needles bacause you have to hook out the mollusk inside. A good choice for those who wanna drink more.

ốc dừa xào bơ

how to eat coconut snail?

I am not a fan of beer but the beer in my system then gave me a good sleep; though not enough.

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