Dorian Gray

One fine evening, my roomie Liza suggested for us to watch this Goth Horror movie (as she described) entitled ‘Dorian Gray’. I really want to watch Magic Mike as I need humor in my tired and stress state but she’s really is into something serious and black. The movie Dorian Gray is an adaptation of the novel ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ by Wilde Oscar. The novel is criticized as immoral and heavily censored. It’s about a guy who lived his life seeking for pleasure that he loans his soul to the devil for him to be young and handsome forever. Dorian is narcissistic and it actually surprised me that the story shows sexual liberation in as early as late 1800’s. I remember the movie ‘Black Swan’ as after watching it I asked Liza, ‘How can the author come up with that story?’ hahaha. I cannot describe further due to lack of decent sleep, check out the trailer below.

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