Art for Charity – the plan

Our art for charity idea would be something like this. Click here

I am flying to Manila for vacation on saturday. And I hope that my small plans would  work out well. I want to take a short course again, something like a webpage development course. Aside from studying, my weekends will be tied up with family shoots for my high school friends, charity work and out of town escapade with my friends from Maersk. Of all of those I am most excited with the charity work. I’ve been organizing one with the help of my sister and friends every time I go back to Manila. I am getting the fund from the modeling works I’ve done. Though I didn’t do a lot from modeling this year, the blessings I’ve been receiving is more than enough to share.

What’s the plan? We are now waiting for the confirmation from the organization if we can do it on Sept 2. It would be actually a rush as I will be in Manila Sept 1 but I think my friend Cathy and my sister can prepare the things that we would be needing. The primary goal or objective of this project is to teach kids from Virlaine Foundation some art. As we would want to meet and teach most of the girls sheltered in this foundation, we split the lesson into two which are drawing lesson on ‘How to draw a Mandala’ and Baking a dessert. I will write more about this once everything is in place. The idea would be something similar with the link above.

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