Art for Charity – the actual

My first day of vacation in Manila was tiresome yet fun and self fulfilling. I don’t have enough rest yet til now. I arrived last saturday and woke up early the next day to visit Virlanie Foundation. Some friends from modeling were not able to join thus me and my sister end up asking my cousin and mom to come with us and they happily did so. Lhia who is always joining my charity activity also came and tag Tina along (both college close friends.

Cath my model turned chef friend started cooking for lunch and teaching the staff to cook while waiting for us. My sister Lek started the activity with a prayer. I wondered what are the religions of the girls in this foundation. Anyway, nobody opposed with the opening prayer. Drawing a Mandala is the first activity of the day. Mandala is a sanskrit word meaning ‘circle’; a Buddhist and Hindu sacred art. Some don’t find this activity cool but still all end up doing their circle art except the busy chef. Even my mom drew a Mandala. I don’t know where me and Lek got this artistic/creative gene for art. I only saw my mom doing art when she’s at 40’s already. Her mandala is cool and well patterned. After almost three hours the girls still want to delay their lunch to finish or do another Mandala.

lek conducting the workshop
Lek conducting the workshop
girls doing their artwork
The girls doing their artwork
one of the art work
One of the girl’s art work
one of the artwork
One of the girl’s artwork
one of the art work
One of the girl’s art work
one of the artwork
One of the girl’s artwork
my cousin's artwork
The all favorite, my cousin’s artwork
my artwork
My Artwork which one of the girls arbor
mommy's artwork
Even my mom participate in drawing a Mandala

Cath cooked Spaghetti and garlic bread for lunch. We were thinking of cooking Carbonarra but some kids would probably won’t like white sauce pasta so we end up with this one. We made it a healthier version of Filipino style spaghetti by adding grated carrots and mushrooms aside from bell pepper.

When everyone satisfied their hunger, a few more minutes for break is given so that Cath can prepare the ingredients and the others can finish their art work. Some were also busy posing and taking photos using my camera.

The girls like our chef so much that a lot volunteered to be her assistant in the Baking Class. They’re very lively and talkative while Cath is making a demonstration. I asked them if they can remember the steps and one even told me that she can even teach me (*confidence in it’s finest). We decided to do the judging for which artworks are the best while waiting for the brownies to be baked. Cath and the house parents were the judges.

Some of their artworks
Some of their artworks
Some of their artworks
Some of their artworks
Chef Cath
Chef Cath with her baked brownies

We thought that we can leave on time which is 3PM but the girls did a dance no. for us and end up making us dance. My youngest sister Em who just came in the afternoon jived well with the girls. Anyway, that’s what I like about her; she’s smart, full of energy and confident. We are all surprised when some girls challenged her to dance and she dances like she’s in a stage. All of us visitors were so tired though we still manage to visit the cute toddlers 😀 Most of the kids last year are still there. We were able to play with them for a few minutes as it’s already time for their story telling activity.

At the end of the day we manage to attend a mass at MOA then eat dinner. I am so thankful for the help of my friends who helped me make this activity successful than the previous years; especially Cath and Lek who co-organized this event with me and for my friend who donate money so that we can buy them things that they can use.

Just when I was thinking If I can find these kids some sponsors for dental check up and treatment as a lot of them already lost an incisor and some have decayed teeth, Cath told me that her dentist sister and friends want to do a dental mission for this foundation. Awesome, god works in mysterious way. Another door for opportunity to help opened 🙂

I hope this blog entry of mine inspire others to reach out for people who are in need. What I like about this organization is that they shelter and take care of the kids well. The kids are happy to see visitors as well and the location is accessible. You can check Virlanie Foundation’s website for more info.

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