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Given an assignment below for the first sessions of my journalism class. It took me like two to three days to gather information and an embarrassing and awkward  turned funny email conversation with Mr. J Pearlman to answer this. In 200 words, ‘How would you rate News Value Importance?’ News value is ascertained by the relative importance of a story. According to A. Boyd (teacher, writer and poet), “News journalism has a broadly agreed set of values, often referred to as ‘Newsworthiness’…” News criteria which is another term used for News Value is comprehensive and varies widely between different culture. Media outlets used it as general guideline in writing. News Value importance can be ratified depending on the type of story to write and the medium on which the news story will be published. Factual, interpretative and hard news are with high value items since these include concepts on seriousness and timeliness. Whereas, feature stories which are not meant to report a breaking news can have less relevance in value. I agree with J. Pearlman’s (journalist for Sydney Morning Herald and The Straits Times) response “The importance of immediate news value also varies according to whether I am writing for the internet or newspaper”, on this question. Internet stories can be posted within moments of an incident as a far quicker medium. Hence, when writing for a newspaper, news is usually about the day’s events for tomorrow’s newspaper. To a greater extent if the news value is significant, it is also important to provide analysis or context should other writers already wrote about the story. I submitted it last night. I got my professor’s feedback this morning. To my surprise, he considers it ‘a beautiful piece of work’ though he corrected a few grammatical errors. I am very happy about it.

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