missed a flight

So this is how it feels… to miss a flight, to buy an overpriced air ticket and to stay in the airport for 7 hours waiting for the next flight; tiring. I wanna sleep 4 hours ago but I’m scared I might not wake up on time for boarding :p Liza already went home. I spent the my time roving around the departure halls uncovering how travellers can enjoy their wait for flights here in Changi Airport.

I almost spent 1k sgd for this trip, a slap to my face. Though the process of airport procedures here is fast, a traveller should be in the terminal 1.5 hrs minimum.

There had been inconveniences with changing the gate for my flight. 10 mins. Already passed since the stated departure time on my boarding pass but even boarding haven’t started yet.

Close friends and family are already waiting, they kept on messaging me. Cancelled my first manila meet up which is tonight.

Oh atlast, announcement for boarding is already made. Good night!

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