My merry little Christmas!

I was working yesterday, but not until the eve of Christmas. I, Lado and Marissa attended a Christmas Carol and mass at St. Joseph’s Church. All were sleepy and tired but still managed to spend the night with people whom we consider as family here in Singapore.

I went to my old house in Bedok to feasts with friends though it’s only my best friend and Laurence who were left there waiting for us. The food has always been satisfying to my hunger pain.

This year, in exchange gifts, I always got the biggest gift. I got a dry box from a colleague and a Donald Duck Bolster from Len.

Prive Burger

I slept for four hours as I need to meet Jamie for Lunch. She won’t be here anymore on my day off so it must be today. We had a Christmas Lunch at Prive Waterfront Bar. She saw a photo of the place in my Facebook and told me that I have to bring her on that place, when she comes back to Singapore for vacation. She likes the place the way I like it 

Yatches at Marina @Keppel Bay

Marina at Keppel Bay

 I brought my DSLR with me this time but unfortunately the sky has been gloomy for a landscape. The first photo above is the food they served me (photo taken using iphone 4). Other photos are the view outside Prive Bar.

Though I have with me my DSLR this time, these are just iphone photos.

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