Gift wrapping


Boxing day is over I’m just starting to wrap my gifts for the special persons in my life. I forgot to buy a gift wrap actually but nothing can stop me from boxing 🙂 I made used of magazine pages and the some ribbons.

gifts i wrapped

I was also able to take photos of some of the gifts I received 🙂

Though I finished boxing up gifts, Liza insisted on giving our gifts at the same time and she’s not yet done buying gifts. Well OK fine.

gifts I received

Today is my most awaited day off. I have to assignments but I’m blogging and watching Asia’s Next Top Model. I jogged in the morning with Brochio and Fel cooked for us. I was also able to clean our fridge which is full of food over Christmas (my household chores contribution).

Promise, after watching the first episode of Asia’s Next Top Model, I’ll do my assignment. By the way, my bet is Trang from Vietnam, I really like models with edgy look.

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