creep day! – a break in

I came home last night around 12am and saw some small gifts on the nearby table. Found out the gifts are from Tenn. they are earrings; Liza and I were surprised that the designs embody our personality. We finally finished writing sweet notes to post in our gifts while we watched episode 3 of Asia’s Next Top Model. Everything was fine and ordinary.

Not until… a few minutes before 4am, i was a bit awaken when Liza turned on the light. She opened our room door and not close to a minute, a loud bang from the house’s main door echoed in the living room. Liza knocked at Tenn and Nina’s door. My body was still asleep though, I can hear the entire conversation they were having. Liza, from the light coming from the room and without her contact lenses saw a small guy in front of Tenn and Nina’s room. She was shocked, stunned thus unable to shout. The guy with no footwear on, as terrified as she was ran so fast leaving the door banging. He’s not wearing any footwear and took the stairs to escape.

Nothing was taken. Everyone have different thoughts on what his motive could be. All are shocked and scared. A lot of questions are running to our mind, though we are thankful enough he didn’t hurt Liza. I, Tenn and Nell accompanied Liza to get a cab to work. I was able to sleep after maybe due tiredness. When I woke up, Nell is gone and all the doors are close. After I bathe, she’s back from Police station to do a report about what happened. Our neighbor uncle who wakes up very early everyday didn’t see anyone passing as he just woke up at 4:30am. He told us that if nothing was taken or been done, the police won’t do anything about it.

Paranoia ate everyone’s mind, I tried searching the internet on where I can buy pepper spray so that we can defend ourselves in case similar event happen. To my surprise, pepper spray and other items that girls can use for self-defence are illegal here in Singapore. I realized that Singapore is not that safe as what I believe it to be. (Check out this blog entry from a local girl who experienced harassment on this site

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