a day tour in an old Battle field..

Out of town trips have always been in my to-do list every time I went to Manila for vacation. With 7,107 islands and 17 regions, I have to travel every day for a couple of years to conquer Philippines.

With just a week and few days more to stay for vacation and do errands, I definitely can’t afford to go somewhere far. Hence I and some friends decided to go to Corregidor.

Corregidor Island also known as ‘Rocky Island’ is the key bastion of the Allies during the war. It is strategically located at the entrance of Manila Bay, just south of Bataan province, Luzon, Philippines. It is a national shrine commemorating the battle fought there by U.S. and Filipino forces against overwhelming numbers of Japanese during World War II.

I’ve been to this place with some high school friends before; it was raining cats and dogs then. We were drenched exploring the island and were shivering in a military barge ride on our way back to Manila. A ferry sank somewhere near on the same day, making my family worried hearing it on news.

At present, I am doubtful that a military boat ride going to the island is still being offered to the public and for the sake of convenience, we booked a day tour with Sun Cruises. I took a cab to ensure that I would be early. Well I don’t want to miss a ferry this time; I learnt my lessons the hard way missing a flight. The cab dropped me off in front of CCP Complex, I was surprised to see a crowd jogging and doing aerobics. It was a long walk going to the meeting place.

Sunrise at Manila Bay

I walked by the long stretch of Manila Bay relishing the view. I realized that the sky is still giving a hint that sunrise just came by so I stopped and took a photo.

The ferry departed from Manila at 8 AM and arrived in Corregidor at 9:15 am.


I loved the weather; this is the first photo I took in Corregidor.

wall sculpture

In a stopover, there is a small room with paintings and old photos (all in black and white) expressing the history of the island. Outside are sculpted walls. I should have done a panorama though.

Corregidor Ruins

We enjoyed a buffet lunch of Filipino and western dishes. They only offer a few varieties of dishes and taste wise, I give it 6 out of 10.

Couple in a ruin

We went to the Pacific War Memorial after lunch. The sun is so up already emanating scorching heat that is so uncomfortable and making my chances of having landscapes with plain white sky very high. I still tried to explore the place and saw this angle of the ruin. I was thinking that if these couple would see me in front of them with a camera in my hand they would get the signal that I want to take a photo of the ruin but they didn’t. So I just include them in my composition.

Statue in Corregidor

This is my favourite shot! I made these statues — tribute for Filipino and American defenders of the island statues — as the subject and the ruin as the background.

Barracks ruins

An expanse of Barracks ruins, harried to take this photo as the bus was leaving already.

Spanish Built Lighthouse

A quick shot before the tourists walk around this white house.

The Parola

If the heat from the sun is not so burning hot I could have go up to this Parola. This was the last stop. We head back to the port after.

Sunset at Manila Bay

It’s still early for sunset when we came back to Manila but just in time to take photo of the heaven preparing for sunset. I don’t want to compromise the colourful sky hence my foreground is underexposed. I simply like the sky and the ray of white lights coming from the sky is like heaven opening up for something.

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