rejection welcomed me to Journalism

Sleeping late, waking up early, my mind is preoccupied with what to write. I’ve already finished a few; As part of the requirements to pass the course, I need to have a published one ideally in the Straits Times Forum but in any other media will also do.

At class last friday while reading the Straits Times, a headline ‘Escorts’ rate base on looks, age’ got my attention. Though the article is mainly about how escorts are being paid I tried to write for the forum regarding the said news in the angle of “What is actually an escorting job and how do minors end up with this kind of job?”

A few days of struggle then I finished a forum article on Sunday; I submitted it to my professor for checking. My article got no rephrasing this time and no change of words to creative ones. I don’t know if I would be happy that there are only a few errors or sad because my piece don’t end up so edgy with the touch of his magic pen. He also advised me on how to submit it to the Straits Times Forum.

Monday, I sent an email to Straits Times Forum with my write up as attachment, my professor told me to call them and ask if they are going to publish my work the day I submitted it. I didn’t received a response other than auto-reply acknowledging that they received my email and saying that if they don’t contact me within 4-5 days it means they are not going to publish my work. Tuesday I tried calling their office and was able to get in touch this time. Ms. Noor, the person in-charge with the Forum Page. She was kind enough to answer my questions and ensure me that I will get a reply from them.

Just a few minutes after, they emailed me that they are sorry but they are not going to publish it. Sad, though I think I know the reason why.

Aside from the forum article I made, my article about cultural proximity in sports for Ezine Articles last January 3 was also rejected, they want me to revise it.

As a positive person, these rejections just welcomed me to the world of Journalism.

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