‘Les Miserables’ – truly miserable

Watching movies or films is one of the favorite past-times of people who are into visual pleasure like me. The latest I’ve watched is the splendid musical ‘Les Miserables’. It’s a great movie and it just inspired me to try to write a movie review.

‘Les Miserables’ was released in Manila later than in other countries to give way to Manila Film Festival, with that a movie review would be timely for a newspaper in Philippines. I started to do research on basic guidelines and templates on writing a Movie Review. It was three days of squeezing my brain cells’ juices remembering the emotions and experiences I felt and encountered when I watched the movie and trying to express it by penning. Just as not expected, my professional writer cousin was able to give me some advice on how can I make my article better.

Les Miserables

I submitted my article to Mr. Isah Red whom I thought is a woman because of the name (*darn me I should have searched about him in the internet to be sure on how to address him*). After not hearing from him for several days I messaged him again for any update. I got a response after saying that if a reply is not received it actually means that they won’t publish it. He finds my article very amateur and why would he publish a movie review for a film in Manila from someone who is not in Manila. Hhhmmm, rejection got used to it since I was modelling before. It won’t turn me down.

Will people just be interested with movie reviews made by experts? I don’t think so.  Well we all have different thoughts on things. The way I write my article is more on the impact of this musical narrative motion picture on me.

I love to do things my way, who doesn’t? Yes I’m stubborn, I won’t stop, I submitted my article to Yahoo! News. After a few days they came back to me saying:

‘Your submission, ‘Les Miserables:’ Truly Miserable, has been declined by the Yahoo! Contributor Network.

Thanks for the submission. Please edit the headline because it doesn’t really state what you thought of the film. Nice review though, well done. Edit and resubmit.’

It was rejected because of the title but they love it and they will publish it. I am so happy I can’t think of a good headline so I just changed it to ‘Les Miserables’ – Timeless. This morning, I got an email from Yahoo Contributor saying that my movie review is published and it can be viewed on this link http://voices.yahoo.com/les-miserables-timeless-film-11981357.html

Finally I got a published article!

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