a bright new day

I woke up with emails about my article being accepted and published finally and a positive reply regarding my application as United Nations online volunteer for one of their sub organization. Who wouldn’t have a good day drowsing off with stuffs that gives you a sense of fulfillment.

Do you remember when I wrote about me missing a flight? The experience gave me an idea to write about how good Changi International Airport is, ameneties and efficiency wise. I’ve been looking for a media to published this write up of mine and with the help of my writer cousin aetoenshi, I finally got it published at ezine articles.

Aside from writing, I figured out a couple of applications to edit and create videos in iPhone. I made Amit’s Sky Diving Video as sample and now I am done with the Big Night Out 2013 concert that me and Liza attended. I will post it backdated as well as other old videos that I will edit.

I’m loving everything of today although there’s a kid who gave me hard time at work by ordering a latte with rosetta latte art. I was not able to do it and he’s was trying to be a smart ass advising me how to do it, ahahaha.

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