it’s not a sign it’s an answer..

Disappointment, it can turn your mood down in just a switch. I totally get it, no need for signs, it has been answered.

I went to HR department to ask why are foreigners can only transfer to F&B and front desks jobs and not in other departments. My transfer has been unsurprisingly rejected because of HR policies and rules. My managers have been asking me ‘what’s my plan?’ and I can’t answer them. From the time the senior manager told me he’ll do anything he can about the transfer until the time the director signed my transfer form, I didn’t feel any enthusiasm like I already know what’s going to happen. I got no energy for this anymore but atleast I saw they really did something about it. I didn’t dare to talk to the museum manager again, he did everything he can and it will just frustrates him that he can’t get me and Liza to work there the way it frustrates me.

So OK but I mentioned disappointment right? Two things: one is that they only allotted jobs for locals for most of the departments, there are lots of staffs that were not given the chance to work on their field of expertise. Second is that the human resource department don’t even care to explain why the setup is like that, they are just saying that once it’s rejected then nothing can be done about it. It really made my day bad; I’m thinking of other staffs who underwent the same thing.

I am usually nice even in strangers but on my way out of the premises, a tourist came to me and asked if she can use my mobile as she got lost. I almost not helped her.

So my wish to teach Singlish speaking cute kids some history or arts won’t happen. Maybe they don’t need to learn anything from me anyway, maybe they’ll learn well from locals.

This has been an answer, Philippines I think I’ll be with you soon. Looking back, I can consider that I’m done here in Singapore. I already finished a short course in journalism and published a couple of articles, meet good friends that I will treasure for the rest of my life, fall in and out of love, save money, travel to different parts of Asia, learn a lot of things in life plus make my family and friends travel abroad and visit me here. Though I was not able to make the most out of work because I’ve wanted to find a different job since day 1, I can say I am thankful and proud to work in the biggest hotel here in Singapore.

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