my cousin’s wedding

Smashing Pumpkins’ Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness was playing, cameras and PDA phones were up and all eyes are hers the moment she entered the church and walked the aisle.

It was my cousin’s wedding! I felt a bit emotional that my ate was finally getting married but I rebuffed the thought of crying and reminded myself that nobody should cry on happy moments and actually this was a very happy one.

It’s the wedding of the year. It was also the loveliest I’ve ever been aside from Chesca’s wedding. I love everything about it – well except for our gowns. I am impressed the way kuya Edgar Basilan of Secret Creations tailored the gowns and amazed with the fact that my gown fits well even though the measurements where not done by them, however the design was not copied well.

secret creations

Make-up artist Anne Viray was able to hide my after facial healing spots and made Lek, Hazel and I prettier. Hair stylist Jeanette Rondilla did our hair with some classic braids that added a classy touch to the makeover.

my family


Ate Julls’ bridal gown was a layered princess one that had no frills but the navy blue petticoat gave it an unconventional rock feel.

bridal gown design

The bouquet made of Holland orange tulips and blue roses gave a lively and aggressive touch that complemented the bridal gown.

bridal flowers

bridesmaids flowers

I was happy to see that my relatives whom I haven’t seen for quite some time are doing well and looking good. Witnessing a memorable event with them was so heartwarming.


my nephews

Santisimo Rosario, one of the oldest churches in Manila and the chapel of the University of Santo Tomas has been a very memorable place for ate Julls and Aleq. They met there during college, became friends and boyfriend-girlfriend, and even the marriage proposal happened there.

The reception was held at the Pergola. The food was quite nice and the table setup was outstanding. From oranges as table nos. given at the entrance, cootie catchers, puzzles and other pretty stuff that you don’t usually see at weddings, I can say that my sister Lek and Clang – the Wedding Fairies – did a job well done.


oranges as table nos.


The program and games were very entertaining as well. The host was fun and the wedding coordinators made the event hassle free.

Photos and videos were captured nicely by the good-natured MyPhotato.

me and my photato

Rock and alternative music from the 90s were played all night long. Additionally, 4Play band performed well. I love all the songs. I can’t blame people for bugging my cousin for the playlist, which you can view it at this link:

view from Sofitel room

I should also not forget to mention that we had a lovely stay at Sofitel Hotel the night before the wedding. I adore their exquisitely classy rooms and the L’Occitane en Provence toiletries.

One thought on “my cousin’s wedding

  1. Aw thanks for this cousin! Aleq and I are so happy you were there to celebrate with us. It was the most perfect wedding we could hope for. Some things didn’t go as planned as expected, but they were little things that didn’t really affect the day at all so we are grateful. 🙂

    p.s. About the dress – the peg was a designer dress from Tibi. We can’t expect a dressmaker to come up with the exact same thing, heh. 😉

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