rugged and fun

Fast, rough but good looking and extremely macho!

People, I’m not talking about a guy here but the extreme sport ATV!

ATV or All-Terrain Vehicle is the hippest extreme sport activity now in Philippines. Most top tourist spots now offer this kind of sports activity but what made my first try in driving an ATV very special is the scenic view the terrain had offered which is the majestic Mayon volcano.


DSC_0801We were driving one behind another forming a line on the terrain of flatten soil and dirt. My being on the last gave me the advantage to stop anytime I want to take photos. I can’t remember how many times I stopped, the view gets better and better as we get nearer to the Mayon Volcano. There are times that I even think of getting off the ATV and just walk towards the animals or things I’m amused to see.




Challenges may be encountered like driving up in a stiff road and in a rocky river.

DSC_0832All were amazed when we reach the end of the trail. There are couple of nipa huts and kids just staring at us. Maybe wondering why we were so happy to be there.DSC_0836



On the way back, I drove as fast as I can trying to beat Natz, then Joy but I got stuck in a deep slope. It was fun! I can’t believe I just tried this sport now while I was always visit Bicol once or twice in a year.

We ended up rugged and sweaty in a burning mid-summer day.

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