a nomination for Leibster Blog Award

Finally, I finished writing 11 things about me for the Leibster Blog Award. It started when my good friend Barang commented on my latest blog post that she nominated me for said Award.

The word award made it really sounds cool. I was wondering why she nominated my blog while I opened the blog post link she gave. From then, I found out that it’s not actually an award, contest or what so ever but simply a chain letter except that you have to answer some questions and come up with a no. of questions before passing to fellow bloggers.

‘Marketing strategy to make bloggers utilize their blog or publishing tool especially those in hiatus?’, I was thinking. Well it works, like for Barang, hehe.

Anyway, to stop all assumptions I tried to research about this Leibster Blog Award over the internet. The search results I got from google are mostly blog posts of people who have been nominated but  I found one with title ‘The Leibster Blog Award Origin’.

Sopphey, a blogger who was nominated thrice also did some research about it. From what she wrote, I think the idea of this blog award is like slum books wherein we choose friends, crushes and people we would like to know to sign it.

So to get through with this, below are 11 facts about me and my answer to Barang’s questions.

Here are 11 facts about me:

1.) Photography eats a lot of my free time. I love taking travel and landscape photos and when I do portraits I want it simple and natural as much as possible.

2.) I am a frustrated writer but no so anymore after a short course class in Journalism. Thanks Mr Jaya Prakash!

3.) I am a retired model. Modelling has been a passion and a way for me to earn extra. I still model for good project though. I got into photography from modelling as I was inspired by some works of photographers I’ve work with before especially tito Nick Bustos.

4.) I am pursuing a dream to be a known artist probably in photography.

5.) I can sleep anywhere like buses, trains and etc. But I can’t sleep in a room alone in other country.

6.) I discover the sweetest thing on Earth which is Godiva’s Dark Chocolate with sea salt, thanks to Liza. I am also a fan of Malteasers, Kitkat and Crunch.

7.) Extra strong mints and lozenges keep me sane. I love to share it to others and laugh at them when they can’t take it.

8.) I scuba dive though I can’t swim.

9.) I am finding all the guts in the world to try outdoor sky dive though I can’t fly?!?

10.) Flying cockroaches and rats make me jump off my seat.

11.) When I was young I don’t stop or I repeat counting when it doesn’t end on even nos. (yeah I know, Obsessive Compulsive)

11 Questions from Barang:

1) According to your own taste, What kind of breakfast will overpower the horror of waking up early on a Monday? American Breakfast – Pancakes and Bacon plus egg I would be wishing everyday is Monday.

2) Do you believe in aliens? Why or why not? Yes, why not? I even believe in Mermaids.

3) If you could live the life of one fictional character, who would you be and why? 1. Robert Langdon of Angels and Demons, well sometimes I wish I am a guy. 2. Chiyo Sakamoto because I wanna experience Japanese culture and I admire he being go getter. 3. Black Mamba of Kill Bill – she’s such a bad ass fighter.

4) What is your favorite holiday? A lot! Since I work here in Singapore, going out of the country has been my favorite thing to do.

5) Are you a morning or evening person? Evening person. Still young to be a morning person.

6) What is your most memorable vacation to date? First Scuba dive at Batangas, Philippines and second scuba dive at Krabi, Thailand.

7) Beach or mountains? Beach!

8) Where would you like to retire? As of the moment Philippines.

9) What did you want to be when you were a kid? To be a newscaster. I look up to Ms Korina Sanchez.

10) What is the best thing you’ve learned in school? IT related stuff 🙂

11) If you only have 24hours left to live, how will you spend it? Visit my kids at Virlanie Foundation, Church, Lunch with Family and then spend the last hours with love ones. But If money is not a problem, I would love to go to Maldives, scuba dive and spend the day with love ones.

I decided not to to nominate anyone for Leibster Award since I would like to do this differently. With that I come up with Síle Blog Challenge and I will write about it on a separate post.

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