The Sìle Blog Challenge

I’ve mentioned in my previous blog that I won’t nominate anyone for Leibster Blog Award and it’s because I came up with something silly and fun which is (drum roll please…) The Sìle Blog Challenge!

The Sìle Blog Challenge is not a chain letter. It is mainly a blog post wherein you have to reveal your weirdest habit. It also contains 7 main questions from a crazy mind. The challenge here would be answering the 7 questions and coming up with your own additional 3 questions that can make your friend’s brain blood vessels work double time, lol. Totally there would be 10 questions when you pass it to a friend. 

And since I am the author of this madness, I have to start off.

My weirdest habit is putting ketchup in everything I eat, well except desserts. I don’t do this much now ever since I learned the golden rule ‘Less is more’ and apply it in eating. The lesser calories the more chances you stay in shape, wahehehe.

Sile’s Blog Challenge questions:

1.) If one freaky friday a swap happened between us and there would be no chance that we can get back on our own body, how are you going to go on with my life?

2.) If you are going to scold me for something what would it be?

3.) If you are going to volunteer for something, what would it be and for what or whose cause?

4.) Aside from world peace, what other thing would you want everyone to have?

5.) Provided that you are a teacher, what’s the greatest lesson you would teach your students?

6.) How would you describe a vintage fashion? What clothes or outfit would you consider vintage fashion?

7.) How would you make someone believe that God exists or something that you believe in exists?

I’m passing this madness to:

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