Facial services in Singapore – a review

Facial Services in Singapore

Wellness services here in Singapore are expensive and not as effective. If you are a wellness buff and just a low to mid class earner here, wellness services will surely eat a big chunk of your budget.

And to give you ladies even men some ideas on where to go for facial, here are a few I have tried and my experience with their facial service.

Haach – A ‘Total Lifestyle service’ provider in the premium spa, face, skin, body and product care industry. This is where I experienced my first facial in SG. This sanatorium irradiates an elegant ambiance; I was not able to tell at first that this is a spa from outside look of the salon. They did a facial without extraction and a brilliant diamond peel for me. Their services are expensive though and services are offered in packages.

New York Skin Solutions – This wellness clinic is claiming that they are a premium skin treatment company that focuses on restoring healthy, perfect skin for those struggling with skin problems. My best friend recommends this facial salon to me when I came here in SG. I was having an on and off breakouts then. The therapists are hard sellers, they won’t stop offering you things and telling you that you need their product and services until they earn from you. And the funny thing about it is when you are almost done with all the sessions you purchase and you’re still having the same skin problems they will just insists on you buying another package. They actually succeed on me availing a package and though I think they are cleaning my face thoroughly, my acne problem didn’t stop and just kept coming back. They do a lot of facial masks and they don’t do diamond peel. Every time I go there for a session, I am always worried that they will force me to purchase other services or products. It was almost two years ago and I still have one session left with them. I’m actually thinking of consuming the last session left and bring nothing with me so that they would stop selling me things.

SKINMEDICS – is in the business of making people feel different and look good. They only have one branch. They did a Swiss Apple Stem Cell Signature Facial Therapy with Diamond Peel, Tension Relief Shoulder Massage and Detox Eyes Treatment for me. The facial service they made for me is just OK to get by through. What I like about them is when you said ‘No’ on availing a package of their services, they get the message.

Kelyn Esther – brings to you beauty therapies to combat the effects of time regardless of your skin type and condition by their products. It is actually not a spa or facial salon but a shop offering Kelyn Esther Beauty product. The shop also offers facial services as a promotion and they use their product on the facial service. They offer the cheapest facial promotion and I can say it’s a value for money.

Lumiere International – This sanatorium’s services is more on slimming but they also offer facial service. Katrina, the therapist who did my facial is the nicest therapist and her hands are light. I like their products and I can feel and see that my skin became supple after the treatment. They are more into moisturizing and rejuvenating. The experience could have been perfect if they just do the extraction thoroughly. Regular facial price starts from 100 sgd and they also run promotions.

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