Chinese Beauty

It was a hot autumn day when I went to China Town to take some photos illustrating a Chinese Lady. This is for a project I want to do which is to compile photos of different nationalities and illustrating them by means of photography.

China Town is always crowded but the best place to shoot this project of mine because of three things. First, because of the Chinese cultural elements, second because the place if colourful and third is because I love how the chinese lanterns compliments the baroque and Victorian architecture of shophouses.

My search for a Chinese beauty to model for me took years. Good thing I’ve worked with Cherry during Mid-Autumn Festival. She’s funny, very confident and the best part is she loves to have a photo of her.

Cherry at China Town MRT

A street in China Town
A portrait of a Chinese beauty
Beside the temple

Beside the temple

walking pass the temple

Cherry in Chinese Dance pose

I am so thankful that she didn’t mind the crowd during the shoot and she tried to do some Chinese dance poses. Her being very cooperative on doing the project made the photo shoot relaxing and very light.

These photos are not beauty shots but simply my demonstration of a Chinese Traditional Chic. I hoping do another one soon.

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