Maldives – day III, last day recap and some tips

If you see a postcard with a bird’s eye view of huts made of nipa and bamboo connected by wooden foot bridges lying on a coral blue sea shore, you know its Maldives.

speedboat going to Centara
speedboat going to Centara
Centra Resort, Maldives
Centra Resort, Maldives

We spent our third day in one of the known resorts in the country — the Centara RasFushi Resort. The owner of the Inn ‘Mazin’ gave us the idea that we could do a day tour of a lot of resorts in Maldives. It cost us six 100sgd per person. The day tour consists of a speed boat ride to bring you to the resort and back to the inn, buffet lunch at Oceans Restaurant, unlimited drinks and use of swimming pool in Waves Pool Bar, and access to some areas of the resort not including access near the water villas.

Centara RasFushi Resort
me at Centara RasFushi Resort

It was so hot that day but it didn’t stop the girls from exploring the resort while I relaxed on a sun bed fronting the sea. There were Korean couples doing pre-nuptial photos by themselves with the help of a tripod and trigger and some props like balloons. There was even a small wedding held in a secluded area of the beach.

the girls at Centara
the girls at Centara

Waves Pool Bar was generous with alcohol in our drinks. Note that you can only get alcohol In Maldives from resorts bars as it is a 100% Muslim country. It was relaxing and tiring at the same time. It’s a shame that we didn’t stay in a resort for a night, it’s a must.

beach front
beach front

Since dinner is not included on the day tour at Centara, our tour guide brought us to Dinemore Restaurant. It’s a Sri Lankan food chain that serves pizza, submarine sandwiches and other dishes. The submarine though not so stuffed taste nice and the price is not bad. For tomorrow, i don’t think we can do any activities as the sea planes are fully booked. Anyway, we don’t have much time as our flight is at 12nn. If you are planning of going to Maldives, I listed below some of activities and tips that I think would be useful.

Activities and tours you can do in Maldives

Male’ Tour – a transfer from local ferry to Male’ was accompanied by a guide. You can discover the history of the capital city and visit places including the Fish Market, the Friday Mosque, The National Museum and Sultan Park. The remainder of the day is free for you to explore Male’, buy souvenirs, or just watch the world go by from a local coffee house. Cost per person is $10.00. Actually, if you would do this by yourselves, free and easy you just need tobpay for the ferry ride to/from Male.

Island Hopping – 3-hr trip to 2 local islands for 2 persons is US $200.00. For 3 to 6 persons, it’s US $85.00 per person. Maldives is composed of almost 2,000 islands, just talk to your tour guide which are possible to go to from the island you were staying.

Dolphin Watching – 2-hr trip for 2 persons is US $100.00. For 2 to 6 persons, it’s US $45.00 per person. I haven’t seen a dolphin in my life but I was thinking I might when I scuba dive so I didn’t join this tour. But when I asked my travel buddies how was the dolphin watching, their faces lighten up telling me they enjoy just waiting for the dolphins to come at sunset.

Kuda Bandos (Picnic Island) – Full day. For 2 persons, US $120.00. For 3 to 6 persons, US $45.00 per person (excluding entrance fee of US $11.00 per person) Kuda Bandos can be included in your island hop, know your options.

Submarine Tour – 45 minutes dive per person is $85.00. Round Trip Seaplane Ride — 45 minutes dive is $85.00 per person. For these activities try to book in advance, it’s really hard to get booked, they need atleast 8 people to do the trip.

Manta Snorkeling – 2-hr trip for 2 persons is US $130.00. For 3 to 6 persons, it’s US $60.00 per person. Snorkeling (Banana Reef, Kurumba House Reef and Coral Garden) is a 2-hr trip, for 2 persons it’s US $100.00. For 3 to 6 people, it’s US $45.00 per person. Some Tips: It’s cheaper if you book directly to the resort and find the resort you want to stay in a day in advance as some of the resorts we intended to visit were already full for the day. Same goes with the activities. If you want to dive it is cheaper if you go straight to the dive centers than when you book with your hotel. Tigerairways offers the cheapest flight from Singapore, for as low as less than 300 sgd. For this travel, I spent 1,200 sgd all in all (souvenir items I bought included).

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