Must haves for a working mom to be

Must haves for a working mom to beBeing pregnant is hard. You’ll experience a lot of changes mentally, physically and emotionally.

For most pregnant women, the first trimester is the most delicate, which makes it more difficult for a working mom.

There are a lot of things I wished I knew during my pre-natal months. If you are pregnant or planning to have a baby soon, the following might also help you cope up with pregnancy.

Candy – Helped me ease morning sickness and dizziness from everyday commuting. As too much sugar must be avoided, go for sugar free. There are write-ups that peppermint is not good for pregnant women so if you love methol candies like me, you can have spearmint as an alternative.

Plastic bag – I often vomited on my way to work, especially when I smelled something unpleasant for my picky nose. There were times I forgot to bring one so I ended up buying something from sidewalk vendors just to get a plastic bag.

Water – Pregnant women are prone to UTI so always drink water. Always remember, you are drinking for two.

Fan/umbrella – Our body temperature rises during pregnancy thus we feel more hot. And for my case, it was the reason why I got irritated at times.

Lala even bought me a window-type aircon because I couldn’t take the summer heat. And when I wasn’t home I used a mini battery-operated fan whenever the temperature was unbearable.

Balm – This helped me a lot during the times when I smelled something weird like while on public transportation. Vicks and White Flower also worked.

Maternity/Nursing bra – One of the physical changes encountered during pregnancy is that your boobs get bigger. Maternity bras are indeed a must have to make you comfortable. Buy a maternity bra that is also designed to be a nursing bra. I use Coobie bras until now.

Snack/Lunch Baon –
It is normal for pregnant woman to be always hungry or craving for food. In my case, I was also picky so I brought snacks and lunch so that I won’t spend too much on food. Besides, eating clean food is a must so it’s better to eat your baon — at least you are sure it’s clean.

And that’s all. I hope this list can help you on your day-to-day commuting and working. You can also check my cousin’s pregnancy must haves in her pregnancy update posts at

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