My baby’s gender reveal

I was on my 23rd week of pregnancy when I decided to throw a very casual baby shower or rather a gender reveal. It was a little too early but it’s also a way for me finally meet some friends whom I was not able to see for quite some time due to my condition. Besides, I know how excited they are for me.

We went for a congenital ultrasound early in the morning. Guess what? It’s a boy! Wish granted for me, though whatever gender is ok. All we’re praying for is a healthy baby. We hurried back home to cook and prepare for the gender reveal. Our guests came late which gave us enough time to cook and prepare.

Lek helped me do a simple wall decoration and prepared some games. The foods we prepared are more like comfort food. I prepared a potato salad casserole and fruit salad, bought a banana cake and brownies from bakeries and Jayson cooked French fries and Pansit. He also made some home-made peanut butter in case they want some sandwich.

The games that Lek prepared were so fun and so suitable for my Maersk friends. There were four games:

1. Create our Baby’s face – My 8 guests were grouped by pairs. They were given an A4 printout of my face and Jayson’s face and another paper with a baby’s face shape outlined. They had to come up with a baby’s look out of our faces. Best creation wins. For this game, Natz and Era won.

2. Charades – This is a game in which players had to guess the title of a song or movie with the baby word in them from pantomimed clues. We grouped them into 2 and it was Era, Natz, Joy and Rhianne who won the game.

3. Guess the Song title – There’s a team representative for every round who will pick a song title and an animal sound he/she can use to sing some lines from the song. Team members have to guess the song within a minute. If the team members were not able to guess the song, the other team can steal to get a point. It was the same group who won this game.

4. Guess my Baby’s Name – I told my guests to get a piece of paper and a pen. I told them a clue for my baby’s name. Barang who was actually the first one to give me her guess won the game.

Those were all the games that we did. By the way, my best friend’s mom and sister also came. I think I spent almost half an hour to open their wonderful gifts for my baby! It was evening already when we finished and my friends were still full to eat dinner. Too bad my high school friends were not able to come.

Simple ways to celebrate a greener Christmas

Forty days to go and it’s already Christmas Day. Christmas runs the longest here in Philippines; we can simply say that we generate more trash and rubbish during the yuletide season than any other months of a year. With that, I would like to share the simplest way to celebrate Christmas in a green way.


As a pledge for a Greener Christmas, why don’t we not buy any Christmas wrappers, boxes or ribbons for wrapping gifts and just use magazine pages, old ribbons, boxes and paper bags instead? Also, we can give away things that we bought before that we haven’t use yet or gifts that we received but we don’t really need. Sometimes, we buy things because we find them cute or nice but in reality we don’t need these. We also received gifts that we don’t need like things that we already have.

Surely there are people around you who need those things. By giving these things as gifts, we are saving money and by reusing ribbons, boxes, paper bags and gift wraps we are simply saving the Earth.


a horror night to remember

How have you been spending your Halloween nights?

My friend Liza got inspired with scaring people because of an episode of The Ellen Show (you can view it here) that she suddenly wanted to go for a Halloween event.

Cel, Liza, Jacky and I
Cel, Liza, Jacky and I

She told Cel about it and Cel arranges our passes for Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights at Sentosa Island.

USS Halloween Horror Nights
Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights
Queing for the first Hunted House - Adrift
Queing for the first Hunted House – Adrift

We came in a big group and for this kind of happenings, the more the funnier.

Vampires at Attack of Vapires Zone
Vampires at Attack of Vapires Zone

Cel is so jumpy while Jacky is so pushy; a good combination for a frolicsome Halloween night.

there's also a band performing
there’s also a band performing
and a gang in costume dancing.
and a gang in costume dancing.

It was hilariously fun; we always end up sweaty with a painful tummy from laughing so hard every time we finished a haunted house. We also get to go for attraction rides.

Cel and Jacky at Jurassic Park ride
Cel and Jacky at Jurassic Park ride

essence of a woman

Giving birth and being a mom are what I believe to make up a woman’s essence. These are special events in a woman’s life that should be celebrated and cherished.

mommy Monette in violet translucent top

Side profile In Pink summer top

In Pink summer top

I love daddy shirt

with baby shoes

with I love mommy shirt

In fluffy violet top

It was a lovely experience to freeze moments like this in photos, especially since I got to do it for a friend whose greatest dream was to have a family.

a bit of Hari Raya Puasa…

Hari Raya Puasa is known as Feast of breaking the fast marks the end of Ramadam – fasting month for the muslims. In Singapore, bazaars were set up in Geylang Serai right from the start of the fasting month because muslims often gather in this place during sundown.


Before the Hari Raya Puasa day itself, I roamed around the area to experience a bit of the celebration.

Baju Kurung

Baju Kurungs and Baju Kebayas

The streets in Geylang Serai were so lively and full of stalls selling foods like fried jackfruit and banana, glutinous rice cakes and other delicacies.Carpets were being  auctions and Christmas lights which I don’t think they call Christmas lights. There are also a lot of stalls selling Baju Kebayas and Baju Kurungs and gold jewelleries.

i dont think they call these christmas lights

carpet auction

Experiencing this festivity won’t be complete if I don’t try some Malay food. I ate this pancake like food with curry and coconut milk sauce on the side, not sure if it is called Roti Canai. If you love spicy food and looking for something light, you might like it.

roti canai?

Eraserheads – reunion in SG!

Wearing fatigue jacket, Elly finally came out on the stage and greeted the crowd while Raimund, Buddy and Marcus headed to their spots. All excitedly shouted to welcome them and some shouted like a respite for the long wait. Without further ado, the Eraserheads played their first song; suddenly all the troubles I experienced in the concert fade away.

eraserheads reunion

It’s my first time to watch them live and I wanted to make the most out of it. So when I heard some people complaining (on the area where I am) to those who stood up to jived with the music as they cannot see the stage, I sneaked in to Platinum Standing area.

Marcus on the screen

Elly on the screen

raimund on the screen

It felt nostalgic remembering their music during the 90s. Eraserheads is known as the most influential band in OPM history and I certainly believe so. I describe their music as ‘Ligaw 90’s’. Who wouldn’t remember ‘Pare Ko’, ‘Toyang’ and ‘Ang Huling El Bimbo’? My cousin ate Camille and her husband didn’t miss the chance to watch the concert as well. it the first concert of her baby in her womb.

marcus playing

elly performing

the crowd taking photos

The crowd became livelier as E-heads play all-time favorite songs like ‘Magasin’, ‘Overdrive’ and ‘Ligaya’. I was hoping for them to play ‘Para sa Masa’ as well but they didn’t. The concert was a great stress reliever that I went home feeling good. Elly said they’re going to come back in SG, bukas!

elly on the stage

eheads bids goodbye

my cousin’s wedding

Smashing Pumpkins’ Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness was playing, cameras and PDA phones were up and all eyes are hers the moment she entered the church and walked the aisle.

It was my cousin’s wedding! I felt a bit emotional that my ate was finally getting married but I rebuffed the thought of crying and reminded myself that nobody should cry on happy moments and actually this was a very happy one.

It’s the wedding of the year. It was also the loveliest I’ve ever been aside from Chesca’s wedding. I love everything about it – well except for our gowns. I am impressed the way kuya Edgar Basilan of Secret Creations tailored the gowns and amazed with the fact that my gown fits well even though the measurements where not done by them, however the design was not copied well.

secret creations

Make-up artist Anne Viray was able to hide my after facial healing spots and made Lek, Hazel and I prettier. Hair stylist Jeanette Rondilla did our hair with some classic braids that added a classy touch to the makeover.

my family


Ate Julls’ bridal gown was a layered princess one that had no frills but the navy blue petticoat gave it an unconventional rock feel.

bridal gown design

The bouquet made of Holland orange tulips and blue roses gave a lively and aggressive touch that complemented the bridal gown.

bridal flowers

bridesmaids flowers

I was happy to see that my relatives whom I haven’t seen for quite some time are doing well and looking good. Witnessing a memorable event with them was so heartwarming.


my nephews

Santisimo Rosario, one of the oldest churches in Manila and the chapel of the University of Santo Tomas has been a very memorable place for ate Julls and Aleq. They met there during college, became friends and boyfriend-girlfriend, and even the marriage proposal happened there.

The reception was held at the Pergola. The food was quite nice and the table setup was outstanding. From oranges as table nos. given at the entrance, cootie catchers, puzzles and other pretty stuff that you don’t usually see at weddings, I can say that my sister Lek and Clang – the Wedding Fairies – did a job well done.


oranges as table nos.


The program and games were very entertaining as well. The host was fun and the wedding coordinators made the event hassle free.

Photos and videos were captured nicely by the good-natured MyPhotato.

me and my photato

Rock and alternative music from the 90s were played all night long. Additionally, 4Play band performed well. I love all the songs. I can’t blame people for bugging my cousin for the playlist, which you can view it at this link:

view from Sofitel room

I should also not forget to mention that we had a lovely stay at Sofitel Hotel the night before the wedding. I adore their exquisitely classy rooms and the L’Occitane en Provence toiletries.

welcoming the year of the snake at Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands welcomed the Chinese New Year with a lively rhythm of clashing cymbals and rumbling drums in a Lion Dance meant to chase evil spirits away. Roving entertainers — stilt walkers, ribbon dancers, mascots and azodiac parade — roamed around the spring flowers, kumquat trees and red fabric-ornamented property.

Chinese delicacies were also served in the Team Dining Rooms to usher in the year of the snake, and red packets or hóngbāo and mandarin oranges were given to the team members. All of these made the Lunar New Year atmosphere at Marina Bay Sands a truly festive one.