my cousin’s wedding

Smashing Pumpkins’ Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness was playing, cameras and PDA phones were up and all eyes are hers the moment she entered the church and walked the aisle.

It was my cousin’s wedding! I felt a bit emotional that my ate was finally getting married but I rebuffed the thought of crying and reminded myself that nobody should cry on happy moments and actually this was a very happy one.

It’s the wedding of the year. It was also the loveliest I’ve ever been aside from Chesca’s wedding. I love everything about it – well except for our gowns. I am impressed the way kuya Edgar Basilan of Secret Creations tailored the gowns and amazed with the fact that my gown fits well even though the measurements where not done by them, however the design was not copied well.

secret creations

Make-up artist Anne Viray was able to hide my after facial healing spots and made Lek, Hazel and I prettier. Hair stylist Jeanette Rondilla did our hair with some classic braids that added a classy touch to the makeover.

my family


Ate Julls’ bridal gown was a layered princess one that had no frills but the navy blue petticoat gave it an unconventional rock feel.

bridal gown design

The bouquet made of Holland orange tulips and blue roses gave a lively and aggressive touch that complemented the bridal gown.

bridal flowers

bridesmaids flowers

I was happy to see that my relatives whom I haven’t seen for quite some time are doing well and looking good. Witnessing a memorable event with them was so heartwarming.


my nephews

Santisimo Rosario, one of the oldest churches in Manila and the chapel of the University of Santo Tomas has been a very memorable place for ate Julls and Aleq. They met there during college, became friends and boyfriend-girlfriend, and even the marriage proposal happened there.

The reception was held at the Pergola. The food was quite nice and the table setup was outstanding. From oranges as table nos. given at the entrance, cootie catchers, puzzles and other pretty stuff that you don’t usually see at weddings, I can say that my sister Lek and Clang – the Wedding Fairies – did a job well done.


oranges as table nos.


The program and games were very entertaining as well. The host was fun and the wedding coordinators made the event hassle free.

Photos and videos were captured nicely by the good-natured MyPhotato.

me and my photato

Rock and alternative music from the 90s were played all night long. Additionally, 4Play band performed well. I love all the songs. I can’t blame people for bugging my cousin for the playlist, which you can view it at this link:

view from Sofitel room

I should also not forget to mention that we had a lovely stay at Sofitel Hotel the night before the wedding. I adore their exquisitely classy rooms and the L’Occitane en Provence toiletries.


welcoming the year of the snake at Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands welcomed the Chinese New Year with a lively rhythm of clashing cymbals and rumbling drums in a Lion Dance meant to chase evil spirits away. Roving entertainers — stilt walkers, ribbon dancers, mascots and azodiac parade — roamed around the spring flowers, kumquat trees and red fabric-ornamented property.

Chinese delicacies were also served in the Team Dining Rooms to usher in the year of the snake, and red packets or hóngbāo and mandarin oranges were given to the team members. All of these made the Lunar New Year atmosphere at Marina Bay Sands a truly festive one.

food tripping in its finest

Epicurean Market – The most awaited event of Marina Bay Sands held last January 25-27, 2013 presented ‘food tripping’ in a sumptuous perception through the showcase of finest food, wine, cheese and spirits and the appearances of celebrity chefs Nancy Silverton, Daniel Boulud, Tetsuya Wakuda, Justin Quek and Hide Yamamoto.

Celebrity Chef Justin Quek Mouse's Heaven Area Red Wine Braised Beef Short Ribs

Epicurean from etymologic meaning is “one who cultivates refined taste in food and drink”. Mr Tamir Shanel, VP of F&B Marina Bay Sands came up with the idea of Inaugural Epicurean Market offering a taste of Marina Bay sands as the best way to kick off the year. He described the event wherein ‘Guests can be entertained and educated at the same time as they hear from the experts in a convivial atmosphere where food and drinks are aplenty. It will be great opportunity for guests to discover something new, expand their gastronomic knowledge and experience choice culinary picks.’

Sausages from Swiss Butchery

It was a big time treat for epicures wherein finest culinary delights and vintages are made affordable. The event was highlighted as well with talks and demonstrations on food and wine products, live bands and roving entertainers, beer garden for beer lovers, product showcases, free food and wine tasting and products sales in an extensive 12,500 meters of Sands Expo and Convention Center.

Mischa's Performances

Over 80 dining establishments and industry leaders took part in the event and preparations have been made as early as last quarter of 2012. And even though there were lesser crowd than what was expected, as the beginning of a luxurious food awareness event that is going to be celebrated annually, it can’t be denied that it was an epicurean success!

Chef Alex Luna and Ryan Witcher Lovely staffs of sweetspot

Shoot for a Cause

Unlike yesterday, today is sunny which is just nice to do a photoshoot. I took a leave supposedly for a modelling project I really want to do but I ended up not being picked. Though my bed still don’t want to let go of me or the other way around, I am not into spending my leave in an unproductive way.

I attended a shoot for a cause instead. Beyond Photography Productions organized this shoot for a cause for the benefit of baby Ohel Cabrera, a niece of a Filipino hobbyist photographer here in Singapore who needs to undergo an operation.

Attendees were lesser than the no. who registered. Nevertheless, the event was a success. I’m happy to shoot some Filipina models and meet some fellow hobbyist photographers here in Singapore. It was also good to see the members of BPP again. My shots are just OK, not that stunning.

Anyway, here are some of my shots taken using my Nikon D40.



The event ended around 1PM. I head to Kimage Salon after for hair color.  My hair grows fast; the 3D colouring they made on my hair for Kimage Newsletter Ad is now 4D, with grey hair, hehe.

The Kimage Prestige Card that I earned from modelling for them is now maxed out with the Brazilian Blowout and Hair Color they made. But I must say I love my hair after the treatment, it looks more manageable now.

longing for a true beach – a travel to Bintan

As planned, we celebrated Tenn’s birthday in Bintan. Though with indecent sleep and we have to wait for an hour for the ferry, we were all excited.  Bintan is almost an hour ferry ride from Singapore and our destination Agro Beach Resort is 45 minute drive from Bintan ferry terminal.

the girls

agro bintan beach

As soon as we reached the resort, we headed to the most visible restaurant which is ‘Asiana Beach Bistro’. It was surprising that the service attendants here are very young; the guy who served our food is just 15 years of age. They serve Indonesian food; their fried rice is the spiciest fried rice I ever tasted that I was not able to eat it at all. Even my friends who love spicy food were not able to consume half of their food. It’s cheap though and the resort cat loves the spicy fried rice.

Agro Beach Bistro

the bintan gang

The rooms in Agro are nice and spacey; they gave us rooms with verandas facing the beach. The beds are big and comfy with relaxing hotel like interior. The beach is nice in its shade of blue but the water is muddy that we ended swimming in the pool.  At least it’s a real beach; in Singapore most beaches are man-made.

me sunbathing

going to Sun Moon Restaurant and bar

The Agro Beach from afar

The Agro Beach

The Agro Beach in another angle

swimming at agro beach

There are two restaurants in the resort. For dinner, we choose an outdoor table at Sun Moon Restaurant and bar. Their selection of food is mostly sea food. There’s only one light available and though there are candle lights on the table it is still dark. Arnel wanted to surprise Tenn with a cake but there’s no available one in the resort nevertheless, the servers were able to help him with some tarts and candles.

tenn's bday celebration

karaoke at agro beach

The resort is also equipped with karaoke rooms. We sang our hearts out the whole evening. The day seemed long and wonderful for a weekend vacation. 

the girls feeling the wind

the wind brushing my hair

the Falcon

It was a pleasant visit in Indonesia! Our first time to go to a nearby country and I’m sure there will be more to come. By the way, beachscape images in this blog post are in HDR edited using Photomatix.