My baby’s gender reveal

I was on my 23rd week of pregnancy when I decided to throw a very casual baby shower or rather a gender reveal. It was a little too early but it’s also a way for me finally meet some friends whom I was not able to see for quite some time due to my condition. Besides, I know how excited they are for me.

We went for a congenital ultrasound early in the morning. Guess what? It’s a boy! Wish granted for me, though whatever gender is ok. All we’re praying for is a healthy baby. We hurried back home to cook and prepare for the gender reveal. Our guests came late which gave us enough time to cook and prepare.

Lek helped me do a simple wall decoration and prepared some games. The foods we prepared are more like comfort food. I prepared a potato salad casserole and fruit salad, bought a banana cake and brownies from bakeries and Jayson cooked French fries and Pansit. He also made some home-made peanut butter in case they want some sandwich.

The games that Lek prepared were so fun and so suitable for my Maersk friends. There were four games:

1. Create our Baby’s face – My 8 guests were grouped by pairs. They were given an A4 printout of my face and Jayson’s face and another paper with a baby’s face shape outlined. They had to come up with a baby’s look out of our faces. Best creation wins. For this game, Natz and Era won.

2. Charades – This is a game in which players had to guess the title of a song or movie with the baby word in them from pantomimed clues. We grouped them into 2 and it was Era, Natz, Joy and Rhianne who won the game.

3. Guess the Song title – There’s a team representative for every round who will pick a song title and an animal sound he/she can use to sing some lines from the song. Team members have to guess the song within a minute. If the team members were not able to guess the song, the other team can steal to get a point. It was the same group who won this game.

4. Guess my Baby’s Name – I told my guests to get a piece of paper and a pen. I told them a clue for my baby’s name. Barang who was actually the first one to give me her guess won the game.

Those were all the games that we did. By the way, my best friend’s mom and sister also came. I think I spent almost half an hour to open their wonderful gifts for my baby! It was evening already when we finished and my friends were still full to eat dinner. Too bad my high school friends were not able to come.

An unusual Valentines date

Whenever I think of Valentine’s date, a picture of crowded malls and restaurants is the first that comes to mind. I can’t even remember the last time I was out for Valentine’s day.

Now, I’m back in Manila. Lala and I have been trying to make up for our two years of long distance relationship. We decided to go out and have an unusual Valentines date.

We went to Quiapo, Manila, not to tour around one of the most notorious market in the world for counterfeit and pirated goods but to shop for mountain bike accessories.

Quezon boulevard in Quiapo is one of the well-known places for buying bicycles and accessories. And if you’re up for buying cheap China-made accessories, there are a lot of sidewalk vendors offering a range of products.

Lala bought the following: Bottle cage mount – P80 Bike seat cover – P100 Bike front light – P120 Bicycle bell – P180

For serious cyclists, there are quality products in some of the shops. However I don’t suggest buying bicycles here as it is much cheaper in Cartimar in Libertad, Pasay.

When in Quiapo, don’t eat fastfood at the Filipino restaurants because the place is known for old Chinese eateries. One of the famous restaurants here is Ma Mon Luk.

Ma Mon Luk is named after a Chinese-Filipino chef/entrepreneur who is the innovator of siopao and mami here in Philippines. The eatery is an indoor open space ventilated with huge ceiling fans. The menu, plus framed write-ups and newspaper clips about the eatery hang on their wooden wall.

The place is an image of restaurant settings in Filipino movies during the 80s. They offer a limited selection of food, from mami, siopao, siomai, softdrinks, and bottled water.

We tried the special mami, special siopao, and siomai. The noodles was ok but the mami soup was too gamey for me to eat. Their siopao is good but it has a lot of salted egg inside, making it salty. Their siomai is big and meaty.

The noodles and siopao are handmade and the serving is quite big for me. That’s the reason why the price is not that cheap. It was a good experience eating out in a tradionally old eatery but overall the food there is not something I would crave for.

It was definitely a unique way to spend Valentines Day. It was like a tour in a some ways as I was also introduced to other known eateries in the area.



a weekend less ordinary..

My friends Natz and Amit paid me a visit, making one of my weekends less ordinary. It was a few days of fun-filled activities; Yo and her family were also part of the happenings. Where did I and Yo brought them? Here are places we went and the activities we did.

• Dinner at Marche – a Swiss restaurant that offers a tranquil ambiance, fresh and quality food.

Savory Crepe

• Amit tried the sport of body flying in iFLy Singapore. It is said to be the largest wind tunnel indoor skydiving in the world. I tried indoor sky diving once in Resorts World Genting and it’s way cheaper there. Check out the indoor skydiving video I made.

• Luge Sentosa which is part go-cart, part-toboggan action ride that’s suitable for all ages. I thought this ride would be boring but if you’ll do it like a race, it’s gets exciting. We did this twice and I won on the first race!

luge sentosa

• Watch Crane Dance – a combination of ground breaking audio and visual technologies, astounding light and water effects.

• Dinner ay Din Tai Fung – a Michelin star awarded and ranked as one of the world’s Top Ten Best Restaurants by The New York Times. It’s all about love for dim sum and dumplings!

Work plus these activities is equals to cumbersome. Though touring friends can be fatiguing, the experience is simply priceless.

a swim and a missed opportunity

After a tiring day at work, I went for a swim with my former housemates. I plunged in the pool as soon as I get there. Jon agreed to teach me how to swim making me do frog kick for my first lesson. Anne brought with her her Cybershot TX10 which is an underwater camera so we took a lot of underwater photos though it is not allowed. The activity was followed by a sumptuous dinner at Anne and Laurence’s house after, bessie’s Caldereta satisfied our appetite.

the gang me trying to swim

Missed opportunity – Yesterday I confirmed on a brochure modeling shoot for tuesday. Part of the details given is that I would pose like I’m patiently learning how to cook which I think is with other models of different races. I’m cool with all the details given and was so excited about; the agent texted me this afternoon that the client want to move the shoot date. Sadly, I am working on all the date options they gave me.

After the charity project I did early last quarter of 2012, I haven’t earned from modelling and photography yet, making my charity fund zero. Nevertheless, like what the bible says in Philippians 4:19, ‘But my God–so great is His wealth of glory in Christ Jesus–will fully supply every need of yours.’

New Year wish ball

I’m feeling happy that I am flying to Manila today. Though I’m still at the train right now and hoping that I can check in on time, im having all good vibes. I was also able to write something in a wish ball. It’s gonna be floating at Marina Bay starting new year. I hope I can get a photo of that some time.