Time for Maternity shoots

Spending money to buy photography equipment (flash and remote) to take self portraits rather than availing a maternity photo shoot package is more practical for us.

We did a test shoot to try out our new purchases. The Shanny flash was giving us enough light but my trigger is not compatible with it so we needed the cable to use it. This limited us in using the light in our desired position. The 300-peso generic remote did not do its job well so we have ended up using the camera timer. We only got these few good photos from the test shoot.

When I was 30 weeks preggy and my cousin was on her 32nd week of pregnancy, I was able to take outdoor maternity photos of her and her husband. Natural light really rocks.

Taking self portraits are more tiresome though most of the setup was done by Lalab. Too bad we were not able to master the equipment we have for another shoot before I gave birth.

my last day in Krabi

I’m so thankful that finally I was able to sleep. It’s my last day and I decided to do Kayaking before my flight. I woke up and get ready early. The manager of the Inn were I stayed was not yet awake, I had a hard time talking with her staffs. When she finally woke up, she head directly to the phone and tried to call the tour in-charge to pick me up while her staffs were arguing and fighting in front of her about something. It’s weird and awkward seeing two Thai girls physically hurting each other in front of a guest like me.

A few minutes passed, the tour service came. It was a relief that I can escape from the drama scene in language I cannot comprehend.

The service is small open jeep type car that can accommodate up to 14 people. Though there is a group of Thai friends and a Chinese couple, the rest are Europeans.

I enjoyed the picturesque view going to Ao Thalan – the kayaking point. Krabi is a lovely place; it reminds me of some places in Philippines.


Since it was my first time and I’m alone, one of the guides accompanied me in the boat. We were a huge group paddling through the scenic lagoon in between rock hills, cave and mangrove forest – home of friendly monkeys (just don’t touch them, they bite). I felt body pain and muscle ache especially in shoulders halfway the stream, making me wish I could go for a Thai massage after.

I and two guys from Finland were the only ones who booked kayaking for a half day tour. The tour service drove us back to our designated hotels in a speed like he is in a James Bond movie. Because of that, I was able to pack my things properly aside from a quick shower. I finished in 15 minutes, quick enough; the cab just came when I went to the lobby.

Krabi Airport is 30-45 minutes away from Ao Nang Beach. There is a long stretch of queue for checking in however it was still early when I finished. I grabbed a gourmet sandwich for late lunch before heading to the departure area. Saw some local newspapers which are ‘The Nation’ and ‘Bangkok Post’ and snatched the materials for a quick read.

the Nation

news at Bangkok Post

Jessica at Bangkok Post

I don’t like the way they write in ‘The Nation’ because of grammatical errors while Bangkok Post is just fine. They published a couple of pages of write up about Jessica Amornkuldilok – winner of Asia’s Next Top Model which is timely for a fashion and featured story.

Asia’s Next Top Model

After watching episode 1, I found out that there’s also episode 2 available and so on..

So I watched episode 2, instead of doing my journalism assignment. The ending is an undone assignment as I head to Orchard after watching to settle some things. After finishing this errand I went shopping unplanned. Oh my, I should stop or else I’ll be broke on start of the year. I went to Zara, Top Shop, Berksha, H&M, Warehouse and Forever 21. Since they’re all western brands, the collections are for winter which favors me. Scarfs, knitted Sweat shirts, jackets and coats are everywhere to find. Though, I bought one shirt from Zara and a collared shirts with sleeve from Forever 21. I also reserved the dress in the mannequin in Forever 21, hehe. And lastly I found a shopping bag as a gift for Ms. Heather in H&M.

Going back to Asia’s Next Top Model, Helena from Hong Kong mentioned that she did 4 or 5 nude shoots already and one of the girl commented ‘Well, you have big tits, its ok, then Monica from Thailand said ‘If I have big tits I’ll do nude shoots too and make the world jealous’, haha. As an art lover, I love how nude photos can be classy, creative and tasty. As a model, I don’t have enough guts to do it. I’m really shy and uncomfortable in doing so. The bravest I had done is nothing compared what professional models do. It is a fact though that there is no professional top model who haven’t done nude.

my first underwater photoshoot

I woke up early for my first underwater photo shoot. I’ve been dying to do this and had been talking with a good photographer Daniel Poh for quite some time now. As a photographer and a person with a regular job, modeling is least on my priority now but I am still willing to do shoots for self fulfillment and to earn. I am not a swimmer and I just tried scuba diving once, I really know the limits of what I can do but I prepare for things I want to achieve. For this shoot I took ounce of guts and practice.

my boxing gloves under the sun