Time for Maternity shoots

Spending money to buy photography equipment (flash and remote) to take self portraits rather than availing a maternity photo shoot package is more practical for us.

We did a test shoot to try out our new purchases. The Shanny flash was giving us enough light but my trigger is not compatible with it so we needed the cable to use it. This limited us in using the light in our desired position. The 300-peso generic remote did not do its job well so we have ended up using the camera timer. We only got these few good photos from the test shoot.

When I was 30 weeks preggy and my cousin was on her 32nd week of pregnancy, I was able to take outdoor maternity photos of her and her husband. Natural light really rocks.

Taking self portraits are more tiresome though most of the setup was done by Lalab. Too bad we were not able to master the equipment we have for another shoot before I gave birth.

An ode to pregnancy

I  was finally able to try an adult coloring book. I did a page with an illustration of Japanese lanterns hung up on a garden. The details are so elaborate and it took me a day to finished it. It was a way to distress for some people but I found it stressing as I colored small details and tried to make the shading of the colors even. I wanted to stop but I can’t leave it unfinished. I was telling myself not to do it again as I was coloring. I’ll rather draw, paint or color Sam’s coloring books.

To prove myself that it is better to draw, this morning, I grabbed my untouched canvass pad that I bought a few years ago and a pencil. I looked for pregnant women’s photos in the internet for inspiration and started to draw. After almost three hours, taaddaaa! Here’s my artwork. It’s simple but I was so happy with the outcome since I can’t even remember the last time I drew or painted. A good alternative for photography.

a portrait of little Sabi

My photographic skills are getting rusty, and I’m still waiting to do another of “Nationalities” Project, so before I totally forget that I do photography, I took some portrait photos of this cute Little bakasyonista in our House. Kids are hard to shoot but fun at the same time.

Sabi's first photo
Sabi’s first photo
Sabi on seesaw
Sabi on seesaw
She loves doing this
She loves doing this
Sabi climbing the slide
Sabi climbing the slide
No not tired yet
No not tired yet

a shoot with ‘Yours Fatefully’

The setting

Aylwin Lek – my photography mentor messaged me if I can cover a photoshoot for Mediacorp as he can’t do it one Sunday morning. As I’ll be working afternoon that day and the shoot will be in the morning, I agreed.

Yours Fatefully BTS

My skin was burned from the strong sunlight but the photos turned out nice and gave my skills good exposure.

Yours Fatefully

essence of a woman

Giving birth and being a mom are what I believe to make up a woman’s essence. These are special events in a woman’s life that should be celebrated and cherished.

mommy Monette in violet translucent top

Side profile In Pink summer top

In Pink summer top

I love daddy shirt

with baby shoes

with I love mommy shirt

In fluffy violet top

It was a lovely experience to freeze moments like this in photos, especially since I got to do it for a friend whose greatest dream was to have a family.

Chinese Beauty

It was a hot autumn day when I went to China Town to take some photos illustrating a Chinese Lady. This is for a project I want to do which is to compile photos of different nationalities and illustrating them by means of photography.

China Town is always crowded but the best place to shoot this project of mine because of three things. First, because of the Chinese cultural elements, second because the place if colourful and third is because I love how the chinese lanterns compliments the baroque and Victorian architecture of shophouses.

My search for a Chinese beauty to model for me took years. Good thing I’ve worked with Cherry during Mid-Autumn Festival. She’s funny, very confident and the best part is she loves to have a photo of her.

Cherry at China Town MRT

A street in China Town
A portrait of a Chinese beauty
Beside the temple

Beside the temple

walking pass the temple

Cherry in Chinese Dance pose

I am so thankful that she didn’t mind the crowd during the shoot and she tried to do some Chinese dance poses. Her being very cooperative on doing the project made the photo shoot relaxing and very light.

These photos are not beauty shots but simply my demonstration of a Chinese Traditional Chic. I hoping do another one soon.

faces for portrait..

As I’ve mentioned before, I do portraits sometimes when time permitted me and the model to do so. Portrait for me is preserving the beauty and boldness of a model. With this, I came up with a project named ‘Faces’, wherein the theme focuses on model’s expression as the subject of composition.

The latest I’ve done is with Che’s cousin Maria. My trigger didn’t work on the moment of shooting so we just use natural light with the help of reflector.

Faces Maria

Before that I also did for Delvina. It was hard to choose which frames to include in the photo since most of the frames are good. Thanks Aylwin for the studio.

Faces of Del

The first one is a test shoot. I got good photos and I’ve learned a lot about lighting the subject in a studio setting. But as we used different light settings I only got these 6 frames to compile into one photo. Thanks Liv for your patience and time.

Faces of Liv

pre-nuptial shoots

My friend/housemate Nina asked me a favor of doing a pre-nuptial shoot for her sister Diane and fiance Brian.

Diane saw the photos I took for Nina and she liked it. And since she and her family are going to Singapore to visit Nina and fiance Brian who is also working in Singapore, she asked Nina if I can take a pre-nup photos for them.

A bit last minute, the photography group who will cover their wedding decided to send someone from their team to do the Pre-nup. Anyway, I still went and helped them out and spend time with Nina’s family.



DSC_0099 DSC_0111

While trying to do a bit of post processing with Bryan and Dyan’s photos, I decided to upload the other pre-nuptial shoots I did here in Singapore like the one I took for ate Camille and Ronald.





and for Cholo and Cheryl.