Time for Maternity shoots

Spending money to buy photography equipment (flash and remote) to take self portraits rather than availing a maternity photo shoot package is more practical for us.

We did a test shoot to try out our new purchases. The Shanny flash was giving us enough light but my trigger is not compatible with it so we needed the cable to use it. This limited us in using the light in our desired position. The 300-peso generic remote did not do its job well so we have ended up using the camera timer. We only got these few good photos from the test shoot.

When I was 30 weeks preggy and my cousin was on her 32nd week of pregnancy, I was able to take outdoor maternity photos of her and her husband. Natural light really rocks.

Taking self portraits are more tiresome though most of the setup was done by Lalab. Too bad we were not able to master the equipment we have for another shoot before I gave birth.

pre-nuptial shoots

My friend/housemate Nina asked me a favor of doing a pre-nuptial shoot for her sister Diane and fiance Brian.

Diane saw the photos I took for Nina and she liked it. And since she and her family are going to Singapore to visit Nina and fiance Brian who is also working in Singapore, she asked Nina if I can take a pre-nup photos for them.

A bit last minute, the photography group who will cover their wedding decided to send someone from their team to do the Pre-nup. Anyway, I still went and helped them out and spend time with Nina’s family.



DSC_0099 DSC_0111

While trying to do a bit of post processing with Bryan and Dyan’s photos, I decided to upload the other pre-nuptial shoots I did here in Singapore like the one I took for ate Camille and Ronald.





and for Cholo and Cheryl.