my last day in Krabi

I’m so thankful that finally I was able to sleep. It’s my last day and I decided to do Kayaking before my flight. I woke up and get ready early. The manager of the Inn were I stayed was not yet awake, I had a hard time talking with her staffs. When she finally woke up, she head directly to the phone and tried to call the tour in-charge to pick me up while her staffs were arguing and fighting in front of her about something. It’s weird and awkward seeing two Thai girls physically hurting each other in front of a guest like me.

A few minutes passed, the tour service came. It was a relief that I can escape from the drama scene in language I cannot comprehend.

The service is small open jeep type car that can accommodate up to 14 people. Though there is a group of Thai friends and a Chinese couple, the rest are Europeans.

I enjoyed the picturesque view going to Ao Thalan – the kayaking point. Krabi is a lovely place; it reminds me of some places in Philippines.


Since it was my first time and I’m alone, one of the guides accompanied me in the boat. We were a huge group paddling through the scenic lagoon in between rock hills, cave and mangrove forest – home of friendly monkeys (just don’t touch them, they bite). I felt body pain and muscle ache especially in shoulders halfway the stream, making me wish I could go for a Thai massage after.

I and two guys from Finland were the only ones who booked kayaking for a half day tour. The tour service drove us back to our designated hotels in a speed like he is in a James Bond movie. Because of that, I was able to pack my things properly aside from a quick shower. I finished in 15 minutes, quick enough; the cab just came when I went to the lobby.

Krabi Airport is 30-45 minutes away from Ao Nang Beach. There is a long stretch of queue for checking in however it was still early when I finished. I grabbed a gourmet sandwich for late lunch before heading to the departure area. Saw some local newspapers which are ‘The Nation’ and ‘Bangkok Post’ and snatched the materials for a quick read.

the Nation

news at Bangkok Post

Jessica at Bangkok Post

I don’t like the way they write in ‘The Nation’ because of grammatical errors while Bangkok Post is just fine. They published a couple of pages of write up about Jessica Amornkuldilok – winner of Asia’s Next Top Model which is timely for a fashion and featured story.

Singapore’s anti-gun laws have ensured safety

Coming close on the heels of various news reports detailing the horrific deaths caused by gun violence in the United States and also in my home country of Philippines, I cannot but applaud Singapore authorities for having the enormous foresight to impose severe penalties for gun ownership and its use in the 1970s. As a result of that foresight the sense of security I feel when walking the streets is in absolute stark contrast to what I feel in my hometown; because I need not fear the indiscriminate firing of firearms or run the risk of being killed like what recently happened to hapless seven-year old Stephanie Nicole Ella (‘Filipinos seek stricter gun rules after carnage’ last Friday January 11, 2013) in my home country.

Gun violence is so very widespread in my nation and many attempts to curb the menace have become all but fruitless. Lawmakers are now under intense pressure to hold debates regarding stricter gun control proposals. Though the Philippines has enough laws to penalize perpetrators, there however, has been little enforcement of these laws, especially on those ‘loose firearms’ known otherwise as unlicensed arms, as correctly pointed out by Vice President Jejomar Binay. Some 100,000 of these unlicensed firearms are circulating today in the Philippines and as how the news report correctly said most of that stems from a plain failure to enforce tough anti-gun laws as how Singapore mapped out some 40 over years ago.

trying to write for a newspaper forum page..

It was January 5, Friday when my professor gave me an assignment to write for The Straits Times Forum Page. I’ve read about an article “Escorts’ rate base on age, looks” and it made me came up with an article about escorts. It actually surprised me that there’s a lot of escorts and prostitutes in this first world country and this oldest profession is legal here. It is more for them to buy the things they want like signature bags, jewelleries and other material things unlike in third-world countries. I finished writing in two days. My professor made a few corrections in my surprise. My write up was rejected but the experience is something I would treasure. Anyway, below is the article I wrote.

Parents clueless about escort services

The definition of an Escort Service is “where you pay someone – either male or female – to be one’s companion. This service can be offered on an hourly basis or over a short period of time. The companion can then accompany one to dinner or just spend time with one in the privacy of one’s home or hotel. The companionship time does not necessarily include sexual services but the unwritten rule is that this is offered as part of your time together.” (

Escort services are legal anywhere but when an escort engages in paid sex, it immediately becomes prostitution. Minors are enticed to this kind of job with the promise of good money; some even consider it as a modelling project. What has been making it worse are the recruitment channels for escorts. Social media is now being increasingly used to recruit teenage escorts.

Parents of young teenage girls are mostly clueless of such jobs. To avoid minors from being ‘sucked’ in, guardians should begin being observant with their teens and check their jobs out.
Because escort services and prostitution are both legal here, a campaign should be initiated on the harm it afflicts.