An ode to pregnancy

I  was finally able to try an adult coloring book. I did a page with an illustration of Japanese lanterns hung up on a garden. The details are so elaborate and it took me a day to finished it. It was a way to distress for some people but I found it stressing as I colored small details and tried to make the shading of the colors even. I wanted to stop but I can’t leave it unfinished. I was telling myself not to do it again as I was coloring. I’ll rather draw, paint or color Sam’s coloring books.

To prove myself that it is better to draw, this morning, I grabbed my untouched canvass pad that I bought a few years ago and a pencil. I looked for pregnant women’s photos in the internet for inspiration and started to draw. After almost three hours, taaddaaa! Here’s my artwork. It’s simple but I was so happy with the outcome since I can’t even remember the last time I drew or painted. A good alternative for photography.


faces for portrait..

As I’ve mentioned before, I do portraits sometimes when time permitted me and the model to do so. Portrait for me is preserving the beauty and boldness of a model. With this, I came up with a project named ‘Faces’, wherein the theme focuses on model’s expression as the subject of composition.

The latest I’ve done is with Che’s cousin Maria. My trigger didn’t work on the moment of shooting so we just use natural light with the help of reflector.

Faces Maria

Before that I also did for Delvina. It was hard to choose which frames to include in the photo since most of the frames are good. Thanks Aylwin for the studio.

Faces of Del

The first one is a test shoot. I got good photos and I’ve learned a lot about lighting the subject in a studio setting. But as we used different light settings I only got these 6 frames to compile into one photo. Thanks Liv for your patience and time.

Faces of Liv

first portrait shoot of 2013

Did a photo shoot with Kuya Megs, Broshio and my fellow Pinoygrapher member Che. The very slim, humble and hard working Diane Sta. Ana graced the home studio session.

Diane - Blogshop style setup

As we already tried doing the blogshop studio style of shoot during the light testing and the first set, we played a bit this time by using just a single strobe to light the subject.

Diane - one light setup

Diane - one light setup

Strobes are lights – lights that act as a flash on your DSLR camera – that are specifically placed and angled toward a subject.

Diane - two lights setup

Diane - two lights setup

test lights with Adelle and Sheryl

My brother in crime bought some studio lights and to test it, he invited me to shoot with him with some of his colleagues to model for us. Broschio a hobbyist also from the same company joined us and helped us with the setup.


The girls did their own make up and styling; I don’t like Adelle’s make up in the first set though I was able to get a couple of good shots on the next set.


The not prepared Sheryl finally agreed to pose for us as well.

As the location is indoor which is <i>Kuya</i> Megs’ house,  there’s a need to emplace and disassemble the photography gears after the shoot. It is cumbersome in that way, in a positive note we’ll get used to doing the setup from scratch.