the memorable Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice – the “national dish” of Singapore – is served everywhere in the country from hawker centres and canteens to major restaurants. For me, it is my highly consumed food during my first month here in Singapore and mainly because of two reasons. 1. It is cheap; the cheapest is just S$2.50. 2. It is the most obvious edible food for a person who is not familiar with Singapore food. In fact, I bet a lot of Filipinos share the same story.

More than three years passed and now I can say that I discovered the best chicken rice experience in Singapore; in Loy Kee. Loy Kee means ‘memorable experience’ in Mandarin. They started selling chicken rice with a unique recipe in Raymond Market in 1953.

The place is not so big, but it is homey and the interior is a mix of old and modern decor. There’s a wall of old photos of the owner and the celebrities who have dined there, old lamps and antiques and tables are round and the chairs are made of wood. There are big ceiling fans and air conditioning, though there’s still an area for smokers who want to dine.

Richard worked as assistant manager of the restaurant before, brought me to Loy Kee for lunch. He enthusiastically told me how the restaurant was before while pointing to the changes made in the shop. Kimi, one of the service attendant assisted us with a genuine smile. We didn’t wait long for the food, and it came steaming hot, teasing us with the yummy Hainanese aroma.

Loy Kee Chicken Rice Set

Everything was nicely cooked. The chicken meat was tender, the rice was tasty served in a plate garnished with cucumber. There was also a side dish of steamed Chinese cabbage, as well as condiments such as minced ginger, chili and dark soy sauce on the side. Other dishes like Hainanese beef stew were also just as tender and delicious and I loved the guyabano juice that was served in a mason jar, though it was sweeter than I thought.

Loy Kee Chicken Rice

We ate a lot! We couldn’t help it. Having lunch at Loy Kee is value for money. The experience is like dining in chicken rice’s own home.

Chinese Beauty

It was a hot autumn day when I went to China Town to take some photos illustrating a Chinese Lady. This is for a project I want to do which is to compile photos of different nationalities and illustrating them by means of photography.

China Town is always crowded but the best place to shoot this project of mine because of three things. First, because of the Chinese cultural elements, second because the place if colourful and third is because I love how the chinese lanterns compliments the baroque and Victorian architecture of shophouses.

My search for a Chinese beauty to model for me took years. Good thing I’ve worked with Cherry during Mid-Autumn Festival. She’s funny, very confident and the best part is she loves to have a photo of her.

Cherry at China Town MRT

A street in China Town
A portrait of a Chinese beauty
Beside the temple

Beside the temple

walking pass the temple

Cherry in Chinese Dance pose

I am so thankful that she didn’t mind the crowd during the shoot and she tried to do some Chinese dance poses. Her being very cooperative on doing the project made the photo shoot relaxing and very light.

These photos are not beauty shots but simply my demonstration of a Chinese Traditional Chic. I hoping do another one soon.

Eraserheads – reunion in SG!

Wearing fatigue jacket, Elly finally came out on the stage and greeted the crowd while Raimund, Buddy and Marcus headed to their spots. All excitedly shouted to welcome them and some shouted like a respite for the long wait. Without further ado, the Eraserheads played their first song; suddenly all the troubles I experienced in the concert fade away.

eraserheads reunion

It’s my first time to watch them live and I wanted to make the most out of it. So when I heard some people complaining (on the area where I am) to those who stood up to jived with the music as they cannot see the stage, I sneaked in to Platinum Standing area.

Marcus on the screen

Elly on the screen

raimund on the screen

It felt nostalgic remembering their music during the 90s. Eraserheads is known as the most influential band in OPM history and I certainly believe so. I describe their music as ‘Ligaw 90’s’. Who wouldn’t remember ‘Pare Ko’, ‘Toyang’ and ‘Ang Huling El Bimbo’? My cousin ate Camille and her husband didn’t miss the chance to watch the concert as well. it the first concert of her baby in her womb.

marcus playing

elly performing

the crowd taking photos

The crowd became livelier as E-heads play all-time favorite songs like ‘Magasin’, ‘Overdrive’ and ‘Ligaya’. I was hoping for them to play ‘Para sa Masa’ as well but they didn’t. The concert was a great stress reliever that I went home feeling good. Elly said they’re going to come back in SG, bukas!

elly on the stage

eheads bids goodbye