hongbaos answer for financial emergency

Just when I was finishing my blog post about my disappointment yesterday, the box I ordered for packing some¬†stuff finally came. I can already organize some of my things that I need to send home. *grin* I went to China Town after work to buy all the things on my sister and tita’s list. They can’t get enough of souvenirs shopping here. I was also able to organize some papers and discover something that I can use now. What is it? Hongbaos and some tips which I kept since 2010. It was like a reprieve, I just need to get a few dollars from my savings and taadaaah I can now redeem my lens from Tamron service center. I mismanaged my financial budget this month. I forgot to pay my credit card and thought that I have a lot of money to spend. I overspent on my Krabi Trip. I can’t wait to get my lens from Tamron Service Center and I can imagine the face of the receptionist or the lens repair man tomorrow when I pay them with a bundle of S$2 and S$5 bills, haha.

Tamron service center in Singapore is JEL Corporation Far East Pte. Ltd.
JEL Centre, 11 Changi Way North, Singapore 498796
Tel:+65 6248 5333 Fax:+65 6881 1000
gen.enquiries@jelcorp.com http://www.jelcorp.com