and she did it again

Once again Pinay Caregiver Rose Fostanes received a standing ovation for her performance of ‘You and I’ by Lady Gaga, but this time by her fellow contestants.

She really have a nice voice and I hope she realizes how talented she is to boost her confidence.


Asia’s Next Top Model

After watching episode 1, I found out that there’s also episode 2 available and so on..

So I watched episode 2, instead of doing my journalism assignment. The ending is an undone assignment as I head to Orchard after watching to settle some things. After finishing this errand I went shopping unplanned. Oh my, I should stop or else I’ll be broke on start of the year. I went to Zara, Top Shop, Berksha, H&M, Warehouse and Forever 21. Since they’re all western brands, the collections are for winter which favors me. Scarfs, knitted Sweat shirts, jackets and coats are everywhere to find. Though, I bought one shirt from Zara and a collared shirts with sleeve from Forever 21. I also reserved the dress in the mannequin in Forever 21, hehe. And lastly I found a shopping bag as a gift for Ms. Heather in H&M.

Going back to Asia’s Next Top Model, Helena from Hong Kong mentioned that she did 4 or 5 nude shoots already and one of the girl commented ‘Well, you have big tits, its ok, then Monica from Thailand said ‘If I have big tits I’ll do nude shoots too and make the world jealous’, haha. As an art lover, I love how nude photos can be classy, creative and tasty. As a model, I don’t have enough guts to do it. I’m really shy and uncomfortable in doing so. The bravest I had done is nothing compared what professional models do. It is a fact though that there is no professional top model who haven’t done nude.